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Drink Your Way Through A Thanksgiving Feast

November 26th, 2019 by

Coffee Maple Stout and Pumpkin PieCalories don’t count on Thanksgiving, right? If you’re looking for something delicious to wash down all that tasty turkey (and assorted sides) look no further than our convenient canned brews. We have paired up your favorite Turkey Day dishes with Six Mile Bridge beers so you can be extra thankful.

Salad with Amarillo IPASalad with Vinaigrette Dressing + Amarillo-ish IPA

The sharp flavors in our Amarillo-ish IPA are perfect for cutting through oil & vinegar dressing, and the bold flavors of vinegar hold up to the strong hops. Plus, they’re already color coordinated!

Cranberry Sauce + DDH Citra IPA

Whether your berries come jellified in a can or you get all fancy with homemade, the tart sweetness of this traditional Thanksgiving treat goes perfectly with the dry citrus flavors in our DDH Citra.

Sweet Potatoes or Candied Yams + Cinnamon Maple Stout

Some families subscribe to sweet potatoes, while others prefer yams… But these sweet starches typically sport the same brown sugar & cinnamon treatment. The complex, sticky flavor notes of this popular side are a great match for our Cinnamon Maple Stout. Creamy, cinnamon-y, sweet, and substantial.

Stuffing/Dressing + Bavarian HefeweizenDressing with Hefe

“Stuffing” is made inside the turkey and “dressing” is made separately, but either way you’ll be enjoying dense bread soaked in herbed broth. For this important player, we selected our Hefeweizen. It’s light enough in flavor not to overpower this holiday superstar, but has enough body to support the carb load. Plus, the subtle citrus notes help cut through the buttery fats of the stuffing/dressing.

Green Bean Casserole + Southern German Lager

What is the perfect partner beer for this soup-can classic? This casserole already has so many flavors and textures going on with the cream of mushroom soup, green beans, and a healthy heap of French fried onions… Our Southern German Lager has a great refreshing flavor to cleanse the palate while holding it’s own against the this heavyweight side dish.

TurIrish Red and Turkeykey & Gravy + Irish Red Ale

It’s the star of the show, paired up with our best-seller! This isn’t a popularity contest, though. We paired these two up for their substantial flavors and body. Rich, with great mouthfeel, our Irish Red Ale is definitely a “main dish” kind of beer.

Pumpkin Pie + Coffee Maple Stout

After stuffing your face with all the savory courses, it’s time to loosen your belt, kick back, and take down a piece of pie. Most people will take a cup of coffee on the side but why have a regular coffee when you can enjoy a Coffee Maple Stout? All the coffee flavor plus 6.0% ABV.

Pumpkin Pie

Our canned beers are widely available at local retailers, or you can come purchase full or mixed 4-packs from our Taproom (closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday the 29th). We also have new swag coming in all season to help you cross some friends off your holiday list. Come visit us soon!