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Pairing Six Mile Bridge With Take-Out

March 30th, 2020 by

carry out pairings headerWhat an amazing amount of love you all have shown our little brewery and other area businesses these past few weeks. As you know, we have had to adjust our business to accommodate the current climate and that hasn’t been easy. Getting your text messages, calls, emails and brief visits has meant the world to us. Since we know a lot of you are making special efforts to support small businesses, we wanted to share our suggested beer pairings with common cuisines!

Asian Food with our Blood Orange Wit

A beautifully balanced beer with light, summery wheat notes and a zing of citrus. Our Blood Orange Wit is an incredible palate cleanser between bites of spicy, saucy, or salty dishes with tons of vibrant flavor while still bringing enough blood orange essence to stand on its own.

Deli Sandwiches or Pizza with our Bavarian Hefeweizen

Area delicatessens and pizzerias are especially suited to this delivery/carry-out/curbside culture which makes them a great choice for mealtime. Most people would agree that you can’t have a truly FANTASTIC sandwich or pizza without a top notch bread or crust. Our Hefeweizen is the perfect compliment to a delicious carb, without overpowering the featured fillings and toppings.

Mexican Inspired Eats with our Amarillo-ish IPA

There are so many incredible local options for great tacos, authentic Mexican, or fresh-mex inspired eats. Whether you like it spicy or mild, you’re still going to be enjoying a lot of amazing flavors. Our Amarillo-ish IPA can stand up to those intense tastes while offering a fresh hoppy note in between bites.

Italian or Seafood with our DDH Citra IPA

Italian food has a wide range of flavors from tomato sauces to rich alfredo to breaded chicken cutlets and more. Whatever path you take to Italian Flavor Town, our Citra IPA is a great choice. The citrus notes pair so well with an acidic tomato sauce, but can also cut through heavier, creamier dishes too. Those same citrusy flavors are one of the reasons it goes deliciously with seafood. Both lightly baked delicate fish or heavily seasoned cajun shrimp are enhanced with the liquid sunshine of our popular IPA.

BBQ with our Cinnamon Maple Stout

Lots of people think primarily of desserts when it comes to stouts, but our Cinnamon Maple Stout is really the ideal accompaniment to delicious BBQ. The 100% real maple syrup and cinnamon bark in our stout stands up to sugary sauces or it can sooth the tastebuds from delightfully smoky/spicy foods.

Bar & Grill Food with our Southern German Lager

We have tons of incredible options across Missouri for take-out burgers, sausages, hot dogs, wings, etc. but those are also great things to make at home! Either way you go with it, our Southern German Lager has all the refreshing nostalgia of block parties and summer cook-outs. The crisp, balanced flavor is widely appealing and an even match for classic bar food.

Modern American Cuisine with Irish Red Ale

There are so many wonderful restaurants and eateries who don’t neatly fit into any of these categories. For general “Modern American Cuisine” we highly recommend our Irish Red Ale with honey. Enough body and flavor to stand up to heavier dishes, but without so much intensity it will overwhelm. Plus, it’s our best-selling brew so you know it’s a great choice!

Desserts with our Coffee Maple Stout

Pies, cakes, cookies, chocolate, custard, ice cream, candy… So many sweet options for distracting our brains for the bitterer aspects of reality. We really couldn’t choose anything other than our Coffee Maple Stout. Made with cold brew concentrate and real maple syrup, it’s a dessert course all by itself. However, it’s more fun to drink with a side of chocolate cheesecake.

If you enjoy our beer with a home cooked meal or with carry-out, please share a pic on social media and tag us!

A Letter from Six Mile Bridge

March 19th, 2020 by

blog header thank you

Hi Friends and Beer Family,

We just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all the outpouring of calls, emails and texts from you asking for ways to help out.
As many of you know, we were already planning to be closed this week for final renovations for our tap room. We were not, however, planning on being closed indefinitely, without the option to open up our new space. This hurts!

While there are very uncertain times ahead, we remain dedicated to providing you with the best quality product and providing for our “small but mighty” brewery family. We are committed to doing our part to help stop the spread of this virus as well as provide for the people that make SMB possible.

We are so grateful for your support and hope that during this difficult time, you are able to support your friends and neighbors in whatever ways you can.

We will be open again as soon as it makes responsible sense for us to open our doors. In the meantime, we’ve added a few ways you can continue to support Six Mile Bridge throughout these challenging times.

Stay safe and be kind.
Ryan and Lindsay Sherring

mixed 4 packTO-GO & CURBSIDE BEER & MERCH SALES: If you would like to purchase our beer directly from us, we can accommodate you! We will offer merch, packaged beer, and fills in OUR sterilized growlers/howlers (sorry, no outside packages at this time) from noon to 7 PM, Tuesday through Friday, and from 2-7 PM on Saturdays. Credit cards only at this time. Only 10 people will be allowed inside at a time. Curbside by request. Simply call 314-942-2211 to request curbside service.

GIFT CARD PURCHASES: You *know* you’re going to want to come enjoy our newly expanded Taproom as soon as we can re-open. Why not go ahead and purchase a gift card now? Available for purchase online HERE, you can email your gift card to yourself or a beer-loving friend.

ADD US TO YOUR CART: Our products are widely available at major grocery and liquor stores, as well as instacart! If you’re making a supply run or getting frozen pizza delivered, why not get a 4-pack of your favorite brew?

A Very Irish STL Day

March 12th, 2020 by

blog headerThis Saturday is Pi Day, aka 3.14 Day, aka STL Day… And it is also the ideal date for a full day of celebrating St. Paddy’s! When everything aligns like this, you just have to make the most of it, and we are ready to do just that.

For everyone feeling moved by the Irish spirit, we will have three fantastic Irish beer styles available. Our flagship Irish Red Ale with Honey is a crowd pleaser, featuring a gorgeous rosy amber color and lots of wildflower honey for a smooth and easy finish (5.5% ABV).

IMG_5989If you prefer something darker, we have two incredible, limited edition versions of our award-winning Irish Stout. The first is a creamy Nitro version, a hot request from our patrons for years that we are finally delivering on (6% ABV). As this has been in demand for so long, it definitely won’t last long. The second option is a traditional Irish Stout aged in Tullamore Dew barrels for a lighter-bodied, special occasion beer (10% ABV).

All of those tasty Irish beer options are going to need some festive eats. We are excited to have our good friend Farmer Jeff from “Alpacas of Troy” coming to the Taproom at 5 PM with his specialty bratwurst cart. Jeff is a master of turning premium quality meats into internationally inspired sausages and brats. This Saturday he is focusing his menu on the UK with a “Bangers and Mash” special. If you aren’t familiar, this is a traditional British dish comprised of sausages and mashed potatoes. It will be delicious on it’s own and even more so alongside a beer. German brats will also be on the menu if that’s more your speed.

Three great Irish style beers, delectable food… but that’s not all. Because it’s also March 14th (3.14), we definitely need to honor the great city of St. Louis. This community has embraced and supported us and we are dang proud to be part of it. In cooperation with STLMade, we are going to sell pints of Irish Red Ale for $3.14 on Saturday!

Honestly, what more could you want out of a Saturday in mid-March? See you Saturday!

It’s Time to Drink Irish!

March 3rd, 2020 by

irish red and stoutOnce again, we find ourselves in the season of luck and rainbows… St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and there’s no doubt many of us will be celebrating! Not only is the day itself one of fun and merriment, but in the weeks leading up to it as well. As a brewery named after a town in Ireland, we always want to make sure there are plenty of options for your pint glass.

irish redIrish Red Ale – Our brewery’s best seller and flagship recipe, our Irish Red Ale with Honey is as delicious of a crowd-pleaser as you will find! This warm and robust beer has cheerful ruby and amber hues, and a finish devoid of bitterness often found in red ale styles. The reason ours is so balanced, is because we smoothed it out by adding wildflower honey. While clover honey is popular, we did a lot of side-by-side taste tests and felt the wildflower variety was a better match for our Irish Red’s flavor profile. Widely available on draft and in cans, this beer isn’t just a great one to pair with fried fish, it’s a great one for making a perfect beer-batter for fish or chicken! If you’re looking for a festive snack or grazing board, we also think this ale makes an ideal partner for a sharp Irish Cheddar. 5.55% ABV and 20 IBUs.

Nitro Irish Stout – You might have thought the parade was for St. Patrick, but we happen to know it’s really because we will have our brewery’s very first Nitro beer available! You’ve been begging us to make a Nitro version of our award-winning Irish Stout, and this year we are ready to deliver. This 6% Irish Export Stout is currently being developed by head brewer, Ronnie, but the entire brewery family is excited for this beer. As you probably know, Nitro beers utilize Nitrogen rather than CO2. This creates a richer, creamier mouthfeel that goes perfectly with a luscious stout. Available at our Taproom only, you’ll want to come see us and grab a glass before it’s gone. Additional release details will be available via our social media channels in the coming days.tullamore dew irish stout

Barrel-Aged Imperial Irish Stout – Say WHAT?! Hot off two barrel-aged releases in December, we are back with a fresh one! This one is a true Irish Stout with a lighter 10% ABV body (all the better for drinking two, amiright?) aged in Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey barrels for a dynamite combination of rich chocolate, roasty character, and pronounced barrel character with a slightly warm alcohol and vanilla finish. We can’t think of a better beer to toast St. Patrick! While supply is limited, it will be available at a number of locations throughout the area in addition to our Taproom. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for release details soon.

Leap Year Beer is Here!

February 28th, 2020 by

Boy Blunder in glass

boy blunderIt’s almost “Leap Day!” Since it only comes along every four years, we wanted to be sure and mark the occasion with a special beer. Enter our exciting Leap Day release: The Boy Blunder, a combination of Ryan’s careful planning and Bryan’s dad-brain “whoops!”

This Oat Pale Ale with Pineapple and Black Raspberries has had quite the journey… From original plans to make a tropically inspired Milkshake IPA, a series of fortunate events lead us to a different (better?) outcome. This beer was being brewed alongside our Valentine’s Day beer and things got a little confusing. Our Valentine’s Day beer was intended to have cherries and black raspberries, while the Milkshake IPA was going to have strawberries and pineapple.

*Enter Bryan*

Let us start by saying that Bryan is probably the hardest working employee at the brewery. Behind every can of beer and every freshly poured pint, is Bryan brewing, cleaning kegs, canning beers, stacking pallets, loading trucks, and a million other necessary tasks. We love Bryan. We are grateful for Bryan.

Earlier this month, Bryan set out to add the black raspberries to our Valentine’s Day beer. Feeling a little funky, and probably running down an epic “to do” list, he accidentally added them to the wrong tank of our pilot system. And thus, two February releases had their fates decided. Our Valentine’s Day beer now had cherries and strawberries, and our Milkshake IPA turned into a fruited oat pale ale with black raspberries and pineapple.

Luckily for all of us, both beers turned out completely delicious! Our Valentine’s Day beer (Rose-Colored Beer-Goggles) was a hit and sold out in a few hours. Our Leap Day Release is a dream of multi-faceted flavor and texture! Brewed with oats, flaked wheat, and lactose, it has the perfect body/mouthfeel to lift up the lightly sweet-tart notes of black raspberries and pineapple. 7% ABV and 22 IBUs.

Come try it for yourself tomorrow, and then send all your congratulations and thanks to Bryan for making such a tasty mistake. Very limited quantities that won’t last long.

Super Bowl LIV: Beer & Food Pairings

January 31st, 2020 by

Super Bowl Food Pairings

Around 100,000,000 people will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday… Will you be one of them? Whether you’re into the game, the commercials, or hanging with your friends and family, the chances are pretty good that you’ll also be enjoying a tasty assortment of appetizers and snacks. We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorites and paired them with some of our best-loved canned beers!

citra and wings

Hot Wings & DDH Citra IPA

Is it even the Super Bowl if you’re not eating wings while watching? Whether you’re doing traditional, boneless, or even a buffalo chicken dip (YUM), our DDH Citra IPA has the perfect balance of citrus zing and dry-hopped flavor to stand up to those spicy, finger-licking sauces.

nachos and amarilloish

Nachos & Amarillo-ish IPA

The thing about nachos is, you can make them a million different ways. BBQ pork, seasoned ground beef, vegetarian, chicken, seared tuna… Smokey, spicy, savory, or even sweet. For them to be nachos, however, they have to have a base of crunchy chips and a number of delicious toppings with plenty of tastes and textures. Our Amarillo-ish has strong hop flavor with enough bite to cut through any variety of nacho flavors.

pretzel and hefe

Soft Pretzels & Bavarian Hefeweizen

Right? Bavarian-style pretzels with bavarian-style beer… In addition to the tradition, both offer comforting bready flavors without being too heavy or over-powering.

travs and lager

Toasted Ravioli & Southern German Lager

One of our beloved area specialties, toasted ravioli is a perfect game-day food. They’re easy to hold and eat, crispy edges with a soft pillow of breaded pasta and seasoned meat, dippable, and filling. With the Italian seasonings, bread crumbs, and accompanying marinara sauce, you’ll want a beer that is refreshing but not weak. We think our Southern German Lager is the perfect pairing!

popcorn and cinnamon stout

Popcorn & Cinnamon Maple Stout

If you like your beers dark and filling, you might want a lighter snack to pair it with. Popcorn is light and crunchy, addictive, and can be as sweet or as salty as you like. Regardless of where you fall on the popcorn seasoning spectrum, our Cinnamon Maple Stout has the body and flavor to compliment it.

Ode to the Oats

January 28th, 2020 by

oats in handDid you know that January is National Oatmeal Month? We don’t make oatmeal, but we DO use oats in a number of our beers and thought they deserved their own little blog of glorification.

When most people think of oats in beer they immediately think of Oatmeal Stouts, but did you know that oats have so much more to offer? Don’t get us wrong, Oatmeal Stout is a noble and delicious style. We just want to give a hearty shout out to all the ways oats add depth and body to our recipes… from IPAs to Coffee Stouts, oats’ unique combination of proteins, starches, and oat gum are the perfect way to add hazy opacity and rich mouthfeel to beer recipes. Plus, they have the benefit of not needing to be milled before use the way malts do. Win, win!

One of the reasons oats contribute so much to the texture of beer is because the starches in oats are less fermentable than in base malts, like you would use in a Pilsner. This means that the enzymes involved in the brewing process don’t break the starches down as thoroughly, leaving more body and mouthfeel than a beer made without oats. This is something we are used to experiencing in stouts and full-bodied, filling beers but it’s also another way to enjoy pale ales and more. Our Amarillo-ish IPA, for examples, is made using oats!

Oat Notes

Recipe: Coffee Maple Stout Brownies

December 30th, 2019 by

Coffee Maple Stout BrowniesNew Year’s Resolutions don’t start until January 1st, right? Whether you’re headed out to a New Year’s Eve celebration or ringing in the next decade from the comfort of your couch, you can bet these Coffee Maple Stout Brownies will delight. What’s better than a classic chocolate & coffee combo?! Just as good for breakfast as it is for dessert.


  • 1 cup unbleached white flouringredients
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 6 Tablespoons butter, cut into cubes
  • 3 ounces unsweetened chocolate, chopped
  • 5 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, chopped
  • 3/4 cup Nestle espresso chips
  • 4 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 1 cup granulated white sugar
  • 1 cup (8 ounces) of Six Mile Bridge Coffee Maple Stout (reserve the other 8 ounces for your drinking pleasure)
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Icing, sprinkles, or any other desired toppings.


Start by preheating the oven to 375° F and line a 9” x 13” pan with foil or grease it with butter.

In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine the flour, cocoa powder, and salt then set aside.

In a double boiler (a smaller pan in a larger pan of boiling water) melt the butter, bittersweet chocolate, and espresso chips while whisking constantly. One the mixture is completely melted and smooth, remove from the heat.

In a large mixing bowl or standing mixer, beat eggs and sugar on high until it’s very light and fluffy. Slowly add the chocolate mixture a little at a time until combined.

Next, add the flour mixture in ¼ cup increments until mixed.

Use a whisk to gently add the Coffee Maple Stout to the mixture. The batter will be thin.

Pour the batter into the prepared pan and then carefully drop the semi-sweet chocolate chips over the top, evenly across the pan.

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

Let the brownies cool completely before cutting or removing from the pan. Top with icing, sprinkles, nuts, or any other toppings you love.

BA Salted Truffle Stout Releases Tomorrow

December 20th, 2019 by

Salted Truffle Stouttruffle garnishFew things are more decadent than a chocolate truffle… Usually with several different types of chocolate including a chocolate-based filling, hard chocolate shell, and often dusted with cocoa powder, these confections are super rich and fudgey. Available in a myriad of unique flavors, it’s hard to choose a favorite. However, if pushed, we think the combination of chocolate and coffee is a winner.

That’s why, when we tasted this delicious stout that had been aging for 18 months in Four Roses bourbon barrels, we decided to take those luscious cocoa notes to new heights with additional cocoa nibs and espresso cold brew concentrate from local roasters, Kuva Coffee. Then, just to help add punctuation to this poetry, a hint of sea salt to sharpen some of those sweet flavors.

Not only is this Salted Truffle Stout amazing on its own, but it truly is a great partner to our previously released Stroopwafel Stout. Where the Stroopwafel was all about caramel and biscuit cookies, this one is all about chocolate and coffee. Both are elegant interpretations of some of our favorite desserts, but each has a unique personality.truffle art

Our BA Salted Truffle Stout is 13% ABV and will be available tomorrow beginning at 2 PM when our Taproom opens. Bottles are $20 each which includes tax. No bottle limit.

We will also have the pleasure of the “Honest to Goodness” food truck tomorrow with both sweet and savory eats to keep up your stamina… You’ll need it as we will have a small amount of the Truffle Stout on draft for the day (while supply lasts), plus the final “SwaggerDays” merchandise special. Buy that cool SMB shirt or glass you’ve been eyeing and get 10% off your bar tab (excludes the Truffle Stout, but we have lots of amazing brews on draft such as our popular Coffee Maple Stout and our new Double IPA).

Double IPA Is Now On Draft!

November 27th, 2019 by

DIPA HeaderIf you know Ronnie Fink, you know he absolutely loves IPAs and outstanding hop flavors. He even named his dog “Citra” after one of his favorite hop varieties!

Since joiningDIPA hops the Six Mile Bridge family, he has been chomping at the bit to create a Double IPA. What began as a noteworthy sample of Motuere hops (a variety that Ronnie hadn’t had the privilege to work with yet), turned into a masterpiece of New Zealand and Australian hops.

Motuere, Motueka, and Galaxy hops are all known to have spectacular tropical fruit flavors and Ronnie was inspired to weave them all together. He has long loved the way Motueka and Galaxy hops compliment each other, and Motuere was a fun new addition that fit the theme. Notes of peaches, passion fruit, and citrus zest round out a great IPA that is fruit-forward and a perfect “Double IPA debut” for Six Mile Bridge.

This brew boasts 8.0% ABV and 65 IBUs and will be such a treat for IPA lovers. The bitter and citrus notes pair amazingly well with greasy comfort foods like cheeseburgers and pizza, or can cut through fatty salad dressings. Lucky for you, we have the Honest to Goodness food truck (formerly Frankly Sausages) from 5-8 PM tonight. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring your visiting friends and family to meet your favorite brewery over dinner!