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BA Salted Truffle Stout Releases Tomorrow

December 20th, 2019 by

Salted Truffle Stouttruffle garnishFew things are more decadent than a chocolate truffle… Usually with several different types of chocolate including a chocolate-based filling, hard chocolate shell, and often dusted with cocoa powder, these confections are super rich and fudgey. Available in a myriad of unique flavors, it’s hard to choose a favorite. However, if pushed, we think the combination of chocolate and coffee is a winner.

That’s why, when we tasted this delicious stout that had been aging for 18 months in Four Roses bourbon barrels, we decided to take those luscious cocoa notes to new heights with additional cocoa nibs and espresso cold brew concentrate from local roasters, Kuva Coffee. Then, just to help add punctuation to this poetry, a hint of sea salt to sharpen some of those sweet flavors.

Not only is this Salted Truffle Stout amazing on its own, but it truly is a great partner to our previously released Stroopwafel Stout. Where the Stroopwafel was all about caramel and biscuit cookies, this one is all about chocolate and coffee. Both are elegant interpretations of some of our favorite desserts, but each has a unique personality.truffle art

Our BA Salted Truffle Stout is 13% ABV and will be available tomorrow beginning at 2 PM when our Taproom opens. Bottles are $20 each which includes tax. No bottle limit.

We will also have the pleasure of the “Honest to Goodness” food truck tomorrow with both sweet and savory eats to keep up your stamina… You’ll need it as we will have a small amount of the Truffle Stout on draft for the day (while supply lasts), plus the final “SwaggerDays” merchandise special. Buy that cool SMB shirt or glass you’ve been eyeing and get 10% off your bar tab (excludes the Truffle Stout, but we have lots of amazing brews on draft such as our popular Coffee Maple Stout and our new Double IPA).