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Style Spotlight: Blood Orange Wit

April 18th, 2019 by
Freshly ground coriander and ripe blood orange.

Freshly ground coriander and ripe blood orange.

This month we released our first batch of Blood Orange Wit for the year and we are so proud of our subtle twist on this classic style. The first-ever batch was released in 2016 and the response was overwhelming. All of our styles are the result of hard work and premium ingredients, but it still feels amazing to make something as well-loved as this beer.

BOW in glass in breweryMost of our beers start out with a very traditional base. In this case, a Belgian Witbier. As you probably know, a witbier is made with wheat (sometimes oats or barley) in the mash and hops, orange peel, and coriander in the kettle. For our version, we use wheat and barley in the mash. Once in the kettle, we put in hops and hundreds of pounds of blood orange peels instead of regular orange peels, along with the coriander. We freshly grind all of our coriander seeds in a small coffee grinder immediately before adding it. The more recently it has been ground, the more potent the flavor! Then, for extra zing, we add fresh blood orange pulp during the second fermentation.

This beer truly embodies the Six Mile Bridge philosophy of brewing. We love paying homage to the traditional foundations of beer, classic and time-honored styles. We also love looking for ways to add modern flair and flavor. In this case, swapping the blood oranges in for regular oranges was a fun way to bump up the citrus notes and put a blush on the classic golden hue. Blood oranges are unique in their robust flaBLOOD ORANGE WIT_WHITEvor and color. They’re special. And they are perfect for this beer.

One of the other motivations for creating this beer was to make a perfect Spring/Summer seasonal. The citrus notes and light, refreshing flavor are ideal for all the best summer activities like barbeques, float trips, patios, and outdoor concerts. It also pairs well with fresh summer fare like salads and BLTs and wood-fired pizza. We wanted to put “summer” in a can and our Blood Orange Wit definitely fits that bill.

As the weather gets warmer, and the days get sunnier, we hope you’ll enjoy our Blood Orange Wit! Look for it on draft and in our vibrant orange cans.