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Style Spotlight: Double Berry Berliner

June 27th, 2019 by



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Owner, Ryan Sherring, had a vision in mind when he created this beer and put a lot of thought into how he could bring that vision to life. Our standard process for creating beers is to start with a great, classic beer style as a foundation and then focus on how ingredients and brewing strategy could elevate it. That holds true with this Berliner Weisse, which uses a base Berliner-Style Weissebier that is known to be light, refreshingly (but not overly) tart, usually low alcohol, and a study in balancing yeast and acid.

While it’s not uncommon for these beers to feature flavored syrups or fruit additions, finding the perfect ingredients is truly an art. Matching and complimenting the flavor profile of the unique yeasts and acidic balance is an exercise for brewers’ skill and creativity. In our case, we definitely had to stand by our policy of only using real, whole fruits and flavors instead of extracts or syrups. After careful consideration, a combination of raspberries and blackberries seemed to perfectly harmonize with the natural tart-yet-sweet characteristic of a Berliner Weisse. We use over 500 pounds of real raspberries and blackberries in a batch of this brew, giving the final product a gorgeous jewel toned purple pink glow. The berries’ flavor also mirror what is so beautiful about the Berliner style – tart enough to be interesting and refreshing, but sweet enough to be palatable and crave inducing. Our house yeast strain was the ideal choice for this beer as well, as it finishes so clean it doesn’t conflict or distract from the primary flavors.

Our process is all about controlling the acidity during brewing. It starts out like most ales, an initial focus on getting a perfect mash through pH, temperature, and conversion. We utilize a kettle sour method, which involves the addition of lactic acid to the wort, thus adjusting the pH and leading to the quintessential lightly sour taste of a Berliner-Style Weissebier. We chose this route because it offers us a lot of control over the pH and enables us to achieve the exact acidity we want. It’s one of the reasons our base beer flavor is so compatible with the raspberry/blackberry flavors.

The end result really speaks for itself. This beer is one of our best selling beers and is perfect for warm weather seasons. Not unlike the lemonade of your childhood, the tart & sweet combination is both refreshing and invigorating. It also pairs amazingly with lots of summer foods! Plus, now that it is available in cans, it is an obvious choice to include in your coolers and picnic baskets when you head out to make the most of all the events and activities that come with sunny skies and longer days.

If you like this beer, we hope you’ll stay tuned to our social media and Taproom… We have some very exciting Berliner-Weisse styles in the planning stages that are sure to excite fans of the style!