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Pairing Six Mile Bridge With Take-Out

March 30th, 2020 by

carry out pairings headerWhat an amazing amount of love you all have shown our little brewery and other area businesses these past few weeks. As you know, we have had to adjust our business to accommodate the current climate and that hasn’t been easy. Getting your text messages, calls, emails and brief visits has meant the world to us. Since we know a lot of you are making special efforts to support small businesses, we wanted to share our suggested beer pairings with common cuisines!

Asian Food with our Blood Orange Wit

A beautifully balanced beer with light, summery wheat notes and a zing of citrus. Our Blood Orange Wit is an incredible palate cleanser between bites of spicy, saucy, or salty dishes with tons of vibrant flavor while still bringing enough blood orange essence to stand on its own.

Deli Sandwiches or Pizza with our Bavarian Hefeweizen

Area delicatessens and pizzerias are especially suited to this delivery/carry-out/curbside culture which makes them a great choice for mealtime. Most people would agree that you can’t have a truly FANTASTIC sandwich or pizza without a top notch bread or crust. Our Hefeweizen is the perfect compliment to a delicious carb, without overpowering the featured fillings and toppings.

Mexican Inspired Eats with our Amarillo-ish IPA

There are so many incredible local options for great tacos, authentic Mexican, or fresh-mex inspired eats. Whether you like it spicy or mild, you’re still going to be enjoying a lot of amazing flavors. Our Amarillo-ish IPA can stand up to those intense tastes while offering a fresh hoppy note in between bites.

Italian or Seafood with our DDH Citra IPA

Italian food has a wide range of flavors from tomato sauces to rich alfredo to breaded chicken cutlets and more. Whatever path you take to Italian Flavor Town, our Citra IPA is a great choice. The citrus notes pair so well with an acidic tomato sauce, but can also cut through heavier, creamier dishes too. Those same citrusy flavors are one of the reasons it goes deliciously with seafood. Both lightly baked delicate fish or heavily seasoned cajun shrimp are enhanced with the liquid sunshine of our popular IPA.

BBQ with our Cinnamon Maple Stout

Lots of people think primarily of desserts when it comes to stouts, but our Cinnamon Maple Stout is really the ideal accompaniment to delicious BBQ. The 100% real maple syrup and cinnamon bark in our stout stands up to sugary sauces or it can sooth the tastebuds from delightfully smoky/spicy foods.

Bar & Grill Food with our Southern German Lager

We have tons of incredible options across Missouri for take-out burgers, sausages, hot dogs, wings, etc. but those are also great things to make at home! Either way you go with it, our Southern German Lager has all the refreshing nostalgia of block parties and summer cook-outs. The crisp, balanced flavor is widely appealing and an even match for classic bar food.

Modern American Cuisine with Irish Red Ale

There are so many wonderful restaurants and eateries who don’t neatly fit into any of these categories. For general “Modern American Cuisine” we highly recommend our Irish Red Ale with honey. Enough body and flavor to stand up to heavier dishes, but without so much intensity it will overwhelm. Plus, it’s our best-selling brew so you know it’s a great choice!

Desserts with our Coffee Maple Stout

Pies, cakes, cookies, chocolate, custard, ice cream, candy… So many sweet options for distracting our brains for the bitterer aspects of reality. We really couldn’t choose anything other than our Coffee Maple Stout. Made with cold brew concentrate and real maple syrup, it’s a dessert course all by itself. However, it’s more fun to drink with a side of chocolate cheesecake.

If you enjoy our beer with a home cooked meal or with carry-out, please share a pic on social media and tag us!